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Why use takethetrain.co.uk?

There's around half a dozen on-line rail ticket retailers plus the train operating companies themselves, all of which sell the same tickets for pretty much any train or route in the UK. So where's the best place to buy?

Ok, we're not going to patronise you, you already know we're going to conclude that it's takethetrain.co.uk and let's be honest (after all, it is our policy) if we didn't truly think it was, we wouldn't be wasting our time or more importantly yours, attempting to sell tickets at all.

So let's spare the sales patter and get down to hard facts.

The price of every rail ticket is fixed by the Government. Retailers are prohibited from selling any ticket for more than this fixed price. Although retailers are permitted to sell at less than this price they would effectively be making a loss on each ticket so this rarely happens. This is why in the majority of cases, when people think they have found a 'ticket' cheaper on another web site, it's actually a different ticket type – not the same ticket at a different price.

This means that the biggest factor in choosing where to buy isn't ticket price, but other costs associated with the purchase because paying more on a consistent basis soon adds up. To give you an idea of the costs of buying a rail ticket we visited the main retailers and train operators and put together this handy table to enable you to compare for yourself.

Retailer Booking Fee Credit Card Fee
takethetrain.co.uk No charge No charge
redspottedhanky.com No charge No charge
quno.com No charge £2.50
raileasy.co.uk £1.00 2%
mytrainticket.co.uk £0.90 No charge
thetrainline.com £1.00 £3.50
Figures correct as of 1st Feb 2011

As for who gives you the best value I think we can let the numbers speak for themselves.